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Jailbait And Boxer Briefs: Miley Cyrus Dating 20-year-old Underwear Model 17.Sep.2008

Has Miley seen her Justin like this yet? Somebody should wake Billy Ray up before he ends up a conservator like some other famous dad who let his daughter(s) run wild.

Not appropriate for underage girlsRegardless of how rich and famous she may be, Miley Cyrus is still only 15. That's underage in any state (I think). Her new squeeze, Justin Gaston, was on some show called Nashville Star and models underwear. He's also 20 years old, which makes him a sex offender if he chooses to take his relationship with Miley past the church steps. (Don't jump the gun - they just went to church together. In matching wifebeaters.)

In the meantime, hot-to-trot Miley and her almost-explicit photos are headed down a road traveled by many Disney stars before her: superstardom followed by excess indulgence followed by fan rejection followed by wanton self-destruction. She says she's ready to leave Hanna Montana behind and take on more ... mature roles now. I think she should slow down and enjoy what's left of her childhood.