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Could Emma Roberts Play A Young Carrie Bradshaw??!! 08.Jun.2010

Emma RobertsWith the second film doing so well there are of course rumors all around around that there may be a possible third Sex & the City film however Sarah Jessica Parker pretty much put the kabosh on that (though John Corbett was hopeful but I mean what else has he got going on? ) Anyway there are now rumors a swirling that they make a film of the prequel of Carrie's life in the big city which would be based on Candace Bushnell's new book, The Carrie Diaries. Possible contenders to play a young Miss Bradshaw include Emma Roberts who just signed up for Scream 4 (really Emma? ) A prequel could be a fresh way to keep the franchise going without SJP really having to participate so she can concentrate on making amazing films like Did You Hear About the Morgans? The Carrie Diaries