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Mischa Barton's Left Tit Comes Up For Air Again. This Can't Be Accidental 21.Sep.2008

Mischa Barton Nip Slip # 5,352,953I don't know from experience - I always wear one - but maybe Mischa has been bra-less for so long her breasts (or at least her left one) have lost feeling. She slaps them around so much they've become deadened. How else to explain her almost constant baring of them? I don't think there's a medical explanation for Cheesy Bat to flail her floppy, sloppy little breasticles about like that. They're starting to look like badly beaten rugs, especially that left one. It looks beyond injured; it looks like roadkill.

Other alleged starlets will flash their bits to build up buzz for an upcoming release or about-to-be-published interview, but we all know that the only thing she's got coming up is her routine six-month STD screening. Since she got dumped for being a sloppy drunk she's been spotted chasing a wide variety of dick, from Josh Hartnett to Joel Madden, but she's striking out. They probably just wait for her to tune up in the ladies' and slip out the back. Someone should tell her - she's just a few steps away from Phoebe Price and gaining fast.