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Shot Down In Flames: Charlie Sheen's Cushy Plea Deal Falls Through, Court-sanctioned Casting Couch Canceled 07.Jun.2010

Sneak preview of proposed evening wearOh, what a pity. He had such a sweet deal lined up: a max of 17 days in jail, with work release at the Aspen Drama Club every day from 8 AM to 8 PM where he could coach, mentor and help fundraise for the organization. Just think of all the eager young actresses vying for a spot on Charlie's couch. It would be even better than Heidi's house - he wouldn't have to pay a dime!

Sadly, Charlie's dreams of serving out his time in the manner to which he has become accustomed are not to be. Even though the Sheriff, prosecutor and everyone else signed off on the deal, the supervisor of the work release program put the kibosh on the whole thing, saying she wasn't signing off on such a piece of shit - or something to that effect. And good for her. Why should a guy who gets popped for beating his wife get to play Svengali as punishment? What sense does that make? Even Naomi Campbell had to clean toilets, or at least pretend to. The plea deal, and the hokey acting school day job, are a joke. If they're going to give him such a Mickey Mouse sentence they could at least make him work a real job, like flipping burgers or doing laundry.

Interestingly enough, the champion of all mistresses and women done wrong Gloria Allred just happened to be in town for today's anti-climactic court date. She said she had a witness lined up to testify against Charlie if the case went to trial. Did she have a hand in blowing up Charlie's deal? If so, she gets props. Let him scrub toilets and press sheets with the rest of the common criminals and drug addicts.