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The New Melrose Place Looks Pretty Awful 25.Jun.2009

New Melrose PlaceFirst of all there is just way too much Ashlee Simpson with way too much red hair. The new extended trailer for the show pretty much reveals the entire plot of the pilot which already looks tired. There is the aspiring filmmaker who blackmails the producer into buying his movie, the intense possibly bisexual publicist (a young Samantha Jones), the medical student who has to turn to prostitution to pay her bills and the bad boy from a rich family who is the son of the original Michael but here is the twist. He is sleeping with the original Sydney!! Ahhh! As usual, the show is going to have to rely on their vets to get the audience. Oh and then Ashlee Simpson is in there somehow looking confused and trying to act. Oh my. This show makes the new 90210 look like Chekov.