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Oh, Not Again. Being Governor Of New York Must Make You Horny 17.Jan.2010

Please! No pictures!For crying out loud. Somebody better check the water in Albany, especially in the governor's office. For Viagra. That's two govs in a row here in New York who've gotten caught dipping their wick in a strange well. Ironically enough, the current head of state inherited the job because of his predecessor's indiscretions - you'd think he'd know better.

Apparently he doesn't. New York Governor Dave Paterson was spotted (and photographed) with a pretty young Latina in her 20s in a New Jersey steakhouse Saturday afternoon. If you can stomach a little more irony, the steakhouse was also a favorite of former gov Eliot Spitzer, a guy we've enjoyed bitch-slapping a couple of times here. Paterson was snuggled up in a banquette with the lovely lass for several hours, and was seen laying up on her and nuzzling her neck.

The NY Post's witnesses, a lawyer and special-ed teacher who actually gave their names, said Paterson and his lunch date were intimate and romantic, like a couple of teenagers in love. When Paterson saw that he had been spotted by a Post photographer who had been tipped, he blurted out, "she works with me," but staffers in Albany deny the woman is a State employee, or that any improper behavior even took place. I guess what happens in Jersey doesn't always stay in Jersey. We may be giving another love gov the boot.