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Celebrity Halloween, Part Ii: Disney Presents Happy Young Couple In Love 31.Oct.2008

Give it up. You'll never be prettier than meOh, please. If it looks like a beard and walks like a beard, it ain't a duck. That boy could care less about the vapid little twit at the other end of the showmance. It's just business. And while he shows her a limited amount of affection, just look at their body language. There's no heated eye contact. She's next to him, but careful not to crowd him and spoil the shot. She knows how hard he's worked to get that pretty little body.

High School Musical 3 is another monster smash for the mighty House of Mouse, but will it still be around in 20 years like Grease? I don't know. I watched the first HSM with my daughter, and while it did have some catchy tunes, it just didn't resonate like Danny and Sandy did.

But don't blame Zac. He's said to be prepping for the lead in Footloose, another big hit from the 80s. I liked the original, but remember few of the songs other than the title song. It would seem to be a role well-suited for the pretty little starlet, who will just toss his sweaty locks out of his face and squint at the camera ... I bet he's practiced that same yearning stare with his gym buddies. Lots of times.