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See What A Few Hours With Kate Moss Did To Kelly Osbourne 03.Mar.2008

Like she was hit by a trainHow many times has this girl been in rehab, at only 23? Why isn't Sharon threatening to kick Kate's ass?

Kate Moss is like the poster child for bad influences - she smokes like a fiend (she is on the patch part-time, and will sell you one if you ask), she drinks like an old sailor, and she's laid more rails than the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Gee, what's not to like, especially if you've got a weakness for blind inebriation.

Recently Kate's mother was said to be moving in with her to be a stable influence for her daughter, Lila. It would have been smarter for Lila to go stay with grandma away from all that late-night partying and carrying on. I hope they have a smoke-free wing.