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No Escaping Nipples Here: Britney Finally Wears Bikini That Fits, Looks Amazing 09.Aug.2009

Tidy whiteyI realize this was just for a photo shoot, and so they made her take a shower and brush her hair and all, but damn. This is the first time I've ever seen Britney in a bikini that actually fits her - they're usually at least three sizes too small - and she's never looked better.

Could it be that her new love with former agent Jason Trawick is giving Britney the confidence she needs to feel good about herself? Is all Papa Spears's nagging about appropriate dress finally paying off? Probably not. She's being paid to wear this ensemble - and she doesn't look totally psyched about it. Which is really too bad, considering her usual choices. It really would be nice to see Britney upgrade her wardrobe to house-with-foundation from trailer-on-cinder-blocks sometime before she's 30.

Sooner or later she's gotta realize there's no more dressing slutty to get back at Papa. She'll never get him out of her life this way. Worse yet, he's training her brother to take over for him as conservator when he gets too old. She may never bust out of that gilded cage.