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Flush The Blow! Papa Lohan Visits His Daughters, Brings Sheriffs 22.Apr.2010

Oh, piss off, Dad.This is gonna get about ten shades of ugly. Yes, Lindsay needs help, and badly. And yes, her little sister should be nowhere near her cracked out big sis, especially unsupervised. Lindsay drags her along everywhere - clubs, events, even Coachella, where Lindsay was so f**ked up everyone was embarrassed for her poor little sister, who ran around with her cans hanging out while Lindsay tottered around in a stupor. Good times.

Well, Dad must be a big Dr. Drew fan (it figures, doesn't it? ), because he decided to pop in for a surprise visit to his daughters ... with the Sheriff's Dept. in tow. He told them he was concerned for Ali's welfare and they had to check it out. I guess when he notified the paps about his mission (so he could get some press, the real goal of the mission) they must have tipped Lindsay, because cops said they saw no reason for concern and they all left ... without Ali.

The Great Orange Oprah also used the "raid" as an excuse to flap her gums, saying this all just goes to prove that her husband is as batshit crazy as she's said he is all along. This may be true, but like we've said before, she's not much better, and I really can't blame Ali for wanting to stay with Lindsay, and as far away from the rest of her asshole family, as she can. Too bad she's not going to school. I can't wait for her crack tweets to start. Like I said, good times.