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Britney Spears, Fitness Maven: Cheetos Are Made With Real Cheese, Y'all 26.Apr.2008

Not much different from her old bikini bodyWhoever Britney hired to snap her into shape must have a seriously aggressive PR firm. Last week's Star had Britney in her "new" bikini body. I thought that suit looked familiar. Are they using old pictures, too? All the pap shots I see of her lately don't show any 20-lb. weight loss. She's a little more toned than anything, but still a bit stout in the middle.

This week's National Enquirer features all the details on Britney's new diet and exercise program. It's nothing radical - six small meals per day of "specially prepared organic food - chicken, salads, vegetables and other low-fat fare", pampering treatments to keep her morale up, and three workouts per day with a trainer, five days a week. The Enquirer goes on to say she's been ordered to do a thousand crunches a day on her own between sessions as well.

Are we talking about the same Britney? The Britney who gets everyone's hopes up about a comeback then sits around licking the orange off her fingertips? The girl who couldn't be bothered to make it to court dates or parenting classes on time, who couldn't be bothered to even rehearse for her Grammy appearance, is going to regain her focus and get her life back together again. Just like that. They must have her on some amazing meds.