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Kid Rock, Stud Muffin? He's Definitely A One-size-fits-all Kinda Guy 27.Jun.2009

I just don't get itI guess this just goes to show that Kid Rock is an equal opportunity fornicator - he's run the gamut from Pamela Anderson to Sheryl Crowe (two women who couldn't be more opposite, at least physically) and now we hear he's slamming that Pickler chick around. Wow. That's diverse.

This is not to detract from Kid's (or is it Rock's? ) talent as a performer. I saw him a few years back at Jones Beach, opening for Aerosmith, and he really put on the more enthusiastic show. At least he looked happy to be there. He was all over the stage.

He's all over the stage in his personal life, too, though. He married Pamela Anderson like four different times but only divorced her once. Then he was with some model named May Anderson for a while, but I think she got deported for being drunk and violent. Kelly Pickler doesn't look capable of drunk and disorderly; I wonder how long she'll last.