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Paris Hilton Made To Walk The Plank By Elton John's Husband For Dirtying Up Bathroom 25.May.2009

Aww, their parents must be so proudImagine the embarrassment. Poor David Furnish (Elton John's partner) invited Paris Hilton to a private yacht party at Cannes. What was he thinking, you ask? We're not talking about a rock star party, with booze and drugs abounding; this was a blue-blood, hoity-toity, break out the good silver engagement.

And what did Wonky do? She got her drunk on and proceeded to maul her loser boyfriend. The other guests were appalled. Unfortunately, that only egged her on even more, and she dragged him downstairs for a proper banging. I bet people were hanging over the rail.

Thankfully they were spotted before too many fluids were exchanged - by none other than David, who had invited their trashy asses - and summarily ejected for their "unsociable behavior". Is that what they call it over there? Over here she's just a dirty pig slut. Bra-less, hammered, sporting a lovely crop of cold sores more often that not ... I wouldn't let that on my boat. Not that I actually have a boat, but still.