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Naomi Campbell Is Obviously Afraid Of Little White Women In Funny Uniforms 21.Apr.2008

Smile bigger or I'll rip your throat out. You know I can.Naomi is not the screaming mimi everyone thinks she is. No, no, no. She's just tragically misunderstood. Inside that hulking 8 feet of glossy psychosis is a frightened and shy little girl.

In an effort to make up for her latest homicidal tantrum and subsequent ban from British Airways, Naomi returned to the scene of the crime: the horrible injustice she experienced at the hands of the highly trained staff who bent over backwards for her and only arrested her when she spat upon them.

Those girls have to be shitting a brick being that close to the Amazon Masher, yet they smile and muddle their way through a conciliatory gesture. Naomi is such a clever media maven. See how she bends her legs so she isn't towering over the girls (as much)? And even though she's got a huge smile on her face, her eyes are saying something much different. The cop knows it, too: note the defensive raised arm between herself and Naomi's clubbing hand. One brush with death was enough.