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Meg Ryan Puts On Her Best Joker Face, But No One Else Is Laughing 28.Apr.2009

WTF did you do now? Oh, Meg. So sad. She used to be so cute. She was America's darling until she had a fling with Russell Crowe - while still married to Dennis Quaid. Her audience turned on her, and her life has never been the same.

Meg dropped out of sight for a while to get her shit together and give people a chance to forget about her blatant transgressions. But somewhere along the line someone told her she wasn't getting any younger, and perhaps suggested it was time to do something about all those lines, sags and bags.

Her first procedure(s) was shocking. Suddenly she had giant, hideously inflamed lips for the first time. Her forehead looked tight enough to bounce a quarter. People who knew her for years didn't recognize her. The results were so drastic that she didn't do it again - until now. While her lips are normal-sized again, her face is awfully bony and shiny. I wonder what Daisy thinks.