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Rihanna And Chris Brown Back Together, Shacking At Diddy's. I'm Sad But Not Surprised 28.Feb.2009

I'm still not posting that other pictureI was afraid this was going to happen. He was laying it on thick, and the girl really loves him. She's too young to know that he's damaged goods.

According to People, with the help of that world class enabler of illicit activity Diddy, the troubled couple have reunited and are spending time together. This makes her cooperation in the assault case against him somewhat doubtful, which would truly be a shame. Of course, the DA could decide to proceed without her consent, which they sometimes do when a victim of domestic assault declines to prosecute. Hopefully they'll use that option if they have to.

The saddest part of all this is that he will do it again. He'll probably never attend another anger management class now that he's back in her good graces. And without proper therapy he will attack her again the next time he loses his temper, whether provoked or not. Millions of women have been in this situation. There is no shame in making a man pay for abusing you; there is only shame when you don't do anything about it. I'll never be able to look at her the same way again.