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Rip Jordan: Katie Price Tones Down Surgically Enhanced Looks, Sick Of Looking Like Cartoon Character 03.Feb.2008

Which do you like better? Pamela Anderson should take note. I've seen pictures of what she looked like before her surgeries, and she was very pretty. Now she's just like a Tupperware that went through the microwave and dishwasher too many times.

Katie, however, recently unveiled her new, more natural look. She's gone back to her natural brunette, and has downsized her chest about 60 sizes. She looks so much better.

Recently, her gayish husband, Peter Andre, talked with Loaded about Katie's freakishly large chest when they met. "If I were completely honest - and I totally love Katie, she's my wife and mother to my children - but I secretly thought they might have been too big for her body at one point. But guys went wild for that and, of course, it did her really well."

Now if we could just get her to lay off that orange-y spray tan. Maybe she's worried her kids won't recognize her, now that they can actually see her from the floor.