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What Kind Of A Man Would Hit His Crazy Russian Babymama Holding Baby? Why, Mad Mel, Of Course 08.Jul.2010

I hope you get raped by a pack of ...She says she has pictures of the injuries she suffered at the hands of her child's father, injuries said to be inflicted while she was holding their eight-month-old daughter, Lucia. Gotta give the girl props: At least she didn't drop the kid. Seriously, I'll give Oksana props for recording the violence. She says she was in fear for her life, and if what she says really happened the way it did, she should be.

And now, surprisingly enough, the Los Angelos Sheriff's Department is investigating the events of the date in question as a domestic violence incident. I say surprisingly because this is LA, where being famous is usually its own special get out of jail card. Mel wasn't so nice to the cops during their last run-in, however, and cops are like elephants - they never forget when you f**k with them.

If this is an actual, professional police investigation, those pictures of Oksana with black eyes and loose/missing teeth, and the audio recordings of his psycho racist rants would be considered evidence and have to be turned over to the court. This would probably also violate the gag order, or at least jam up whoever leaked them, whether that be Oksana, Lucia or anyone else. One thing's for sure - it may be a long, long time before Mad Mel works again.