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Jessica Simpson Hospitalized For Kidney Infection. All That Teamwork Sure Takes Its Toll 31.Mar.2008

Tony, is that you? Tony? Jessica Simpson reportedly spent the weekend at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA being treated for a kidney infection. Her rep told In Touch that she checked in Friday morning because she was achy and feverish, but good ol' inside source(s) said ? She is so happy she is out and feeling great.?

Last year, when Mary Kate (or was it Ashley? ) Olsen was hospitalized for a kidney infection it was widely gossiped that she acquired the condition as a result of frequent and/or multiple partners. We all know Jessica tried to pass herself off as wholesome and pure when she married Nick Lachey when everyone knew she was a pillow biter. A few weeks ago there was a blind item about the girlfriend of a pro athlete who not only pleasured her man in front of his teammates, but spread that lovin' feeling to them as well. I don't know, though. That just sounds too complicated for Jessica. She's still working on that tuna dilemma.