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How Cute Is Stella. Mom Still Looks Like A Fella 13.Nov.2008

This is StellaDad don't mind. He enjoys her credit line.

This is the first picture I've seen of Tori and Dean's newest addition, little Stella. I thought big brother Liam was cute (and he still is, by gosh) but this little girl is cute. I bet her mama was a cute baby, too, and then she grew up into a horsey face. A great big horsey face.

Tori and Dean have been keeping a low profile lately. Are they taking a break to enjoy family life? Maybe, but I don't think Tori's that financially set. They're just waiting for the next reality treatment ... or ovulation cycle. Either that or Tori's recording a country album. If Jessica Simpson can do it, anyone can. At least Tori would have the sense to promote it properly.

Maybe Tori's earning a few bucks consulting. Larry Birkhead said that it was Tori who encouraged him to agree to a reality show about life with Danielynn. Is Tori enjoying a new life as an agent/dealmaker? Her father would be proud.