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The Piven Strikes Out With The President. Michelle Will Kick His Ass 05.Aug.2009

Oh, I am such a liar!And Oprah's, too, from what I understand. Madame President takes a very dim view of those Lewinsky wannabes. Oprah allegedly gave up her lap dog Stedman because of her infatuation with the President. Is the Piven smitten, too?

Of course this could just be a desperate ploy for publicity. Since bailing on Speed the Plow and alienating the Broadway community, Jeremy's only gig is Entourage. Maybe if he claims to be popular with Obama someone will hire him again. He shouldn't hold his breath. And he really shouldn't fib.

The Piven told Letterman that President Obama gave him all his phone numbers but that he somehow lost them. Yeah, right. And Queen Elizabeth has invited me to be her buddy on Facebook. (Hey, it could happen!) Seriously, why on earth would our President want to hang out with a slimy little manwhore with a possible substance abuse problem? It's not like he can actually contribute to anything in a meaningful way. I don't see him donating his time or money to help those less fortunate. Even Speidi spends time at the soup kitchen. Maybe he could learn from them.