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Forever A Bridesmaid: Nick Lachey Finally Gives Vanessa Minnillo Her Walking Papers 24.Jun.2009

It was fun while it lastedOh, well. Guess she'll have to find someone else to buy her that 10-carat engagement ring.

After years of careful non-committing hijinks, Nick and Vanessa have finally called it quits, according to People. Vanessa tried to keep it together as long as she could, but she had to know her days were numbered once she climbed out of the hot tub.

Does this mean they're going to go away now? Don't bet on it. Nick may still have some Simpson cash squirreled away, but Vanessa hasn't worked (by herself anyway) for a long time. She might find it hard to maintain her lifestyle. Maybe she and the Blohan could get together for another round of sexy knife pictures. They could both probably use the money.