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Nicole To Joel: Stay Away From That Olsen Troll! 22.Aug.2008

I'll trip-trap on your bridge, bitchHmm ... There's an interesting dynamic going on here. Darkly cloaked inside sources have been saying that Joel is a clean-living, God-fearing Christian who won't marry Nicole until she accepts Jesus into her life and gets her shit together. And she has, at least to outside appearances. She's no longer a club fixture. She keeps her tits under cover and she's a good mommy to little Harlow.

And what does Nicole get in return for the new leaf she has turned? Well, first Joel was caught hobnobbing with one who has hobbed more nobs than anyone, the notorious Firecrotch. That caused a huge blowout in the Richie-Madden household, but eventually Joel was able to placate her. Now comes news that he's been fraternizing with another of her enemies: fellow former emaciate Mary Kate Olsen.

Hollywood Rag reports that Nicole blew a tit after hearing that Mary Kate flirted with Joel at a recent dinner. Their source said, "During the dinner, Mary-Kate was very playful with Joel. It was all fun and games, but with the Olsens nothing is as simple as that. Nicole exploded at Joel and demanded that they leave the party. Afterward, Nicole warned him to stay away from Mary-Kate.? But just last week, MK went to a Good Charlotte show and partied with the band, and specifically Joel, after the show. Perhaps Nicole is right to be worried.