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Billy Ray Cyrus Letting Miley Date 20-year-old. Move Over, Jamie Lynn And Bristol! 07.Oct.2008

Miley and her manIt's no wonder Billy Ray likes this guy and sees him as a younger version of himself. He doesn't, but should, see the underwear model as a direct threat to both his and his daughter's livelihood and reputations. He's even letting this guy stay at their house when he comes to visit. Isn't that how Jamie Lynn got into the situation she's in?

Miley Cyrus has been dating a 20-year-old underwear model. Yes, he's a fine-looking young morsel, but he is five years older than her. So what if he goes to church with her? So what if he's new-BFFs with her dad? Do you think any of that will stop him from doing what any young man wants to do with a girl who's just dying to bust out of girlhood? Hellz to the no!! If he's not tapping that yet, he will be soon. Look at her. She looks more like a seasoned barmaid or fry cook at the local bowling alley than an innocent child star who's been sheltered from the ravages of stardom. They may have taken her camera, but they haven't taken away her itchy trigger finger.

As I mentioned above, the kicker here is that Miley's father says he actually approves of this relationship. (He has to or he'll be fired. That's what happened to Mom.) Says the parentally-challenged fame whore, "He actually reminds me a lot of myself when I was 20-years-old and I was living and searching for the dream." This kid isn't searching any more; he's hit the jackpot and may never have to work again.