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Howard K. Stern Going Back To Court, But Only Because Of Gay Sex 13.Aug.2009

HATE YOU ALLDid I say gay sex? I meant gay sex rumors. In no way did I mean that Howard K. is being prosecuted for buggery or indecent exposure in a parking garage or anything like that. I would never. He's very, very touchy about rumors like that. He tends to get all litigious and shit. I guess living in your mom's basement can do that to a guy.

And once you get the little guy dander's up you can never get rid of him. Just ask Rita Cosby. It's not bad enough that she blew up her career putting all her eggs in the Anna Nicole basket - the book was ... meh ... and Howard K. is still suing her. And now the bad little rash has been given the green light in his defamation suit against Crosby for, among other things, her allegations that Stern got it on with Larry Birkhead, Danielynn's father. It was even said to be on videotape, and that Anna got off watching it.

I don't know where Rita Cosby got her information, but she better be able to produce or Howard K. can grab a slice of whatever she's got left of her book money. He was originally suing for $60 million; I doubt she's got that but I'm sure he's got no problem taking whatever he can get his hands on. Anything's better than getting a real job.