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Oj's Girlfriend In Serious Accident. What Was Christine Running From? 17.May.2008

ChristinePoor Christine Prody. She seems to be plagued by serious, inexplicable injuries. So far OJ has managed to keep his name out of it, but we all know if OJ's bitch shows up beaten, he had something to do with it.

Early last Saturday morning Christine was hit by a car trying to cross the Don Shula Expressway in Miami. Her car, which had two flat tires, was in the emergency lane. She'd made it about two-thirds of the way across when she was hit, suffering two broken legs in addition to other serious injuries as her head and arms went through the windshield. Yikes.

What was Christine running from? Cops said it looked like she had been riding on the flats for a while; one was shredded and the other was gone. They said they also found an empty bottle of Smirnoff vodka on the front seat, as well as her pet Shih Tzu. Christine and OJ have a history of domestic violence, with five police calls in seven years. In February she showed up at a gas station with serious head injuries and bruising; it was later reported that she suffered a "mysterious fall" at the gas station. Let me guess: she stepped on a rake. She walked into a door. It was all her fault. Right?