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Say Hello To Knox And Vivienne: People, Ok Split $15 Million Tab 03.Aug.2008

They're the most expensive celebrity baby pictures ever, but if you do the math it's not as huge as it seems: With 19 pages of exclusive coverage, that works out to a little more than three-quarters of a million per page. And I'm sure there are no startling new revelations, but I'll still be grabbing that issue tomorrow.

The Wonder Twins are now three weeks old, and it looks like the Jolie-Pitts are settling in with their new additions. Shiloh, in particular, looks absolutely delighted - and she is just gorgeous. She has the best of both parents.

Will Brad and Angie take a break from their careers to focus on their family now? They might for a few months, but neither likes to be idle for long. For now they're having fun on their giant French estate - made even more fun now that the camouflaged paps have been flushed out and beaten. It's ironic that one of the favorite games for the kids is hide-and-seek. They live such a fairy tale life.