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Is Nicole Richie Having Twins? 10.Dec.2007

Could look like theseAccording to Hollywood gossip legend Janet Charlton, Nicole Richie is in fact pregnant with twins. I find this troubling at best. At a reported eight months pregnant Nicole is tiny. I realize she only weighed like 43 pounds (OK, more like 82, but still) when she got pregnant, but she's not that big, even for one baby.

To put this in proper perspective, Jennifer Lopez is also supposed to be carrying twins. She's probably about five or six months along and is at least twice Nicole's size bump-wise. Granted she had some meat on her bones to start with, but she's much healthier looking. Nicole's face still looks positively gaunt.

Nicole was recently given a leave of absence from drunk driving class - that's where they teach you NOT to drink and drive, smarty pants. Presumably she'll complete the class after she drops her edamame-sized offspring.