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Mischa Barton Moving To France Where Fat Is Appreciated And 420 Es Tres Bon 19.May.2008

See the derriere? It is like a big cheese, no?

How does one say, "Let's burn a spliff!" or "Got any Oxy's? " in French? How about, La fille est une saloppe! Conasse!" (Roughly translated: The girl is a dirty pig of a slut. How you like me now? )

Mischa is moving to France. Since spending some time in Paris she's gained a greater understanding of French culture, and would like to emulate those qualities that conveniently fit into her skewed version of reality. She figures if she moves to Paris full-time she can be rude to everyone any time she wants. After refusing to promote her lesbian kiss movie, she may never get a serious offer again. That's OK. A few months of the rich French cuisine and she'll look more like Kirstie Alley than Lindsay Lohan. She's already at least halfway there. At least.