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Heather Graham Practices Witchcraft For Obama, Good Sex And Bodacious Rack 08.Jun.2009

Now THAT's a hangoverOK, so maybe her spellcasting and eye-of-newting aren't responsible for that bodacious rack, but according to Heather, a little witchcraft is good for a lot of things. Too bad it can't do anything for her stalled career and poor grammar skills.

Airbrain says she belongs to a coven of witches that call themselves the Goddesses and that they all get together to lick toads and trip out on the toxins. OK, maybe she left out the toad-licking part, but she's got to be tripping on something for such gibberish to fall from her lips. The silly bitch thinks she can start storms on her roof and make her boyfriend give her good sex.

But that's not all. Heather is convinced that she and her fellow sorceresses are responsible for President Obama being elected. Says the intellectual giant, "My friends really wanted Obama to be elected so we all did a spell and then he got elected. It worked out good." Yikes. Guess they skipped English class for that spell session.