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Mischa Barton Taken By Police To Psych Ward. Did She Mix The Shrooms And Blow Again? 16.Jul.2009

I had a different kind of HomecomingWhatever she did, it must have been in massive quantities. As usual. This time, however, Mischa couldn't find her way out of the k-hole (or whatever hole she was tripping in), and she dropped a dime on herself. According to numerous sources, Mischa was "removed" from her house by the LAPD and taken somewhere for medical treatment. There is even word that she's under a 5150 hold, which means she is being held because she's a danger to herself or others.

Mischa was not arrested, which may mean that she had in fact consumed whatever drugs she had. Maybe that's why she freaked - she was all strung out and couldn't get more. Her face has been incredibly bloated recently. Her peeps say wisdom teeth, but she's been looking incredibly over-medicated. Whether that's by prescription or street drugs remains to be seen.

It also remains to be seen what, if anything, Mischa will do now. This is not the first time Mischa was rushed to the hospital under murky conditions - the last time she had a bad trip at Nicole Richie's house and had to be "removed" by ambulance. Not surprisingly, she was never invited back. Nicole has never had any patience for lightweights. And a lightweight Mischa definitely is, even if she tries to run with the big dogs. The last two years of her life have been a tailspin of drinking and drugging, and her once-promising career refuses to speak to her anymore. If this girl doesn't clean up her act she won't live to be a has-been.