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Amy Winehouse Admitted To Hospital With Bad Chest Cold 16.Nov.2009

Amy and her new chesticlesYeah, it's November, Amy. Time to put those grossly-inflated fun bags away for the season.

Seriously, Amy did end up in the hospital for a bad cold, but only because the over-the-counter cold medicine she took didn't agree with the drugs she takes to stay clean. At least that's what those mysterious inside sources say. Maybe so, but I hope she wasn't there for a drug relapse - there's been word of Blake Emancipated (at least from Amy's payroll) sniffing around. Her father even allegedly caught them in bed together not too long ago. If she takes him back she really is doomed. So far, she seems like she's kinda keeping it together; I just hope it lasts. She may never release another album like Back to Black, but we can always hope.