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Ashlee Simpson Makes Enemies Everywhere She Goes. Also, Pete's Black Eye Kinda Explained 29.Dec.2009

Hit me again! Hit me again!Have you ever heard anyone say what a pleasure it was working with Ashlee Simpson? No, you haven't, because no one's ever said it (with the possible exception of her daddy). She's a miserable bitch to work with. Just ask the cast and crew of Melrose Place, who threw a party to celebrate her dismissal. Or you can check with the folks from her gig in Chicago, who threw her a nice welcoming party but now positively can't stand her. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she made her own little VIP area at said party and refused to socialize with her new co-workers. At this point, only the threat of prison keeps them from throwing her into a wood chipper.

I always thought that Ashlee was only nasty when she was drunk, but she seems to have the same effect on people everywhere she goes. They can't get rid of her soon enough. They never want to work with her again. It makes you wonder what she's like at home, when she doesn't have to be on her best behavior.

Interestingly enough, Ashlee's little husband, Pete Wentz, has been sporting one helluva shiner around the city this week. At first he wouldn't say how he got it, but then said he "simply fell on the street". Onto his eye? How does one fall eye-first?