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Howard K. Stern Cries That He's Broke, But Says Rita Crosby Will Fix That. 15.Nov.2007

Rita as Anna: grosser than grossHoward's broke? Did he burn through the money he wired out of Anna's accounts right before she died? Did he run out of methadone again? Did his mommy kick him out of her basement? No, he's just gearing up for a big, fat lawsuit.

Howard tells Us Weekly that he is"in debt and basically broke. There? s this impression out there that I am somehow making money off of Anna? s death. It couldn? t be further from the truth.? Surprising? His only "client" for the last decade or so was Anna, and since he's "juggling" more than a dozen lawsuits he's been forced to live off his folks.

Howard's hoping to cash in big on his $60 million libel suit against Rita Crosby for alleging in her book that two witnesses saw Howard and Larry Birkhead engaging in sexual acts. Howard claims the witnesses were paid off; the judge in the case recently agreed, ruling that Stern has presented "substantial -- indeed troubling -- evidence that Cosby has sought to improperly influence witnesses". If I were Rita, I'd be pretty worried; people who piss Howard off seem to end up awfully dead.