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Uchitel? I Won't Tell. Is Tiger Still Skanking Around With Million-dollar Rachel? 14.Dec.2009

Built for motorboatingShe says she doesn't want the publicity, that she wants it to all just go away. Then why the f**k did she go to Florida, of all places? Why else? She's still shining Tiger's favorite iron.

While Tiger's lucrative endorsements fall away like fleas from a nag, the once-mighty golfer has remained in seclusion. His wife was spotted out today pumping gas without her wedding ring, which quickly led to speculation about a trial separation and/or divorce. Well, duh. What woman in her right mind would stay with a serial philanderer? My God, the hos are still coming out of the woodwork. Today's tally brings it to 14 slags who admit to affairs with Tiger. We're not talking one-night stands; these women claim relationships of a year or more in some cases.

So why would it be surprising to find that Tiger hasn't changed his stripes? Hell, even if Elin took half of everything he'd still have millions at his disposal. I think he's just going to lay low for a while and then return to golf when the next scandal breaks out. In the meantime, he's going to need something to do, which is I guess where Rachel comes in. Stupid bitch should be ashamed of herself.