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What's Grosser Than Gross? Miley Cyrus Humping On John Mayer 17.Feb.2011

Before the implantsHey, it could be worse: she could be doing the nasty with Bret Michaels. Oh, wait. Mama Tish already hit that.

Luckily for Miley, there is no shortage of man whores in Hollywood. As long as she doesn't mind leftovers, which apparently she doesn't, if you believe the latest about Miley getting all touchy-feely with infamous cocksman John "Wonder Dick" Mayer. According to Pop On The Pop Miley was spotted kissing Mayer and even smacking his ass backstage at the Grammys. She's just 18 and he's what, 30-something? Shameless piece of shit. And where are her parents? Still on the payroll for sure, but obviously not there for their hot-to-trot little moneymaker when she needs them.