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Ginnifer Goodwin Is Coming Back To Television As Snow White!!! 06.Mar.2011

Ginnifer GoodwinI'm not sure why she always makes that face. Okay so technically she hasn't left yet because I believe Big Love is still finishing up its last episodes but Ginnifer has already booked her next series. Capitalizing on the growing trend of fairy tales as movie thrillers Ginnifer has landed the role of Snow White in the new series Once Upon A Time. There are not many details being revealed about the plot except that a woman moves to a small town where there appear to be fairy tale characters and it co-stars Lana Parilla (The Defenders). Ginnifer plays a nun who realizes she was Snow White in a past life. Did I mention there is also a big screen version of Snow White in the works with Julia Roberts as the evil queen to Kristen Stewart's Snow White. Fairy tales are hot right now! Meanwhile we can look forward to seeing Ginnifer in Something Borrowed which just released a new trailer!