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The Trailer For The Town Looks Amazing!! 18.Jul.2010

Ben Affleck and Rebecca Hall in The TownThe trailer for the new film The Town, directed by Ben Affleck, is finally here and it looks pretty amazing. Based on the Chuck Hogan novel Prince of Thieves the film centers on a group of a life-long bank robbers from Charlestown, Boston. Their leader, played by Affleck, has been having somewhat of an identity crisis and he puts the nail in the coffin by deciding to pursue a relationship with the woman, played by Rebecca Hall, who they took hostage in their latest robbery. Then in comes gorgeous Jon Hamm as the investigator to save the day and nail Affleck and also try his hand with Hall. Blake Lively plays Affleck's ex-girlfriend who just can't get over him. Lively took this role as an opportunity to show the world that she can act even when she is not wearing couture and she looks hot even when she is dressed like trash. And the amazing Jeremy Renner plays Affleck's best friend and partner in crime. It looks like an exciting, well-acted thriller and it hits theaters in September. Plus Ben Affleck is friggin' ripped in this movie! Blake Lively in The Town