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Does The White House Really Need A Crypt Keeper? When Was The Last Time Someone Checked Cindy Mccain's Pulse? 23.Oct.2008

Tales from the ... Oval Office? I heard that the last time a sales clerk brushed her hand while taking her AmEx Black for another swipe she had to be treated for frostbite. I bet if they had Cindy on The View you could hear a pin drop. Not a source of lively conversation, this one.

Maybe with good reason. 24 years ago, Cindy was the homewrecker, the younger blond John McCain and his restless penis left his warmly regarded first wife, Carol, for. Shunned by the other Senators' wives and having little in common with her politically powerful spouse, Cindy chose to move back to the West Coast while John built his political powerbase in Washington. It probably didn't help that John's ex was still politically active. It must have been a miserable experience.

But don't cry for Cindy McCain. She's fabulously wealthy and she's really not as sad as she looks, at least most of the time. Said to be free of her years-long addiction to painkillers, Cindy has built her own life as a fundraiser and school booster, and is well-liked in her native Arizona.

But she's not happy in the political arena, and while she's hitting the campaign trail to try to boost her husband's flagging poll results, she always looks like she'd rather be walking on red-hot coals. Barefoot. This makes me wonder: Is Cindy First Lady material? Our First Lady should be warm, witty and someone with whom American mothers can identify. Cindy's hair, makeup and clothes for the Republican Convention cost more than some people's houses. That's kinda inappropriate, I think, especially at a time when a lot of people are losing said houses.