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Ambassador Anna Wintour? Someone Better Take Some Lessons In Diplomacy 28.May.2009

Bow to ME, bitchesAfter many years of running Vogue with an iron fist, unquestioned and unchallenged, Anna Wintour has finally run out of steam. Perhaps it would be more honest to say she may have run out of venom.

Anna never was a fixture on the social scene. She always preferred to manipulate from behind the scenes, and would only appear at upper-upper crust events like the Costume Institute Gala at the Met, or at shows for the hottest, most expensive designers. But lately that's changed, and suddenly Anna's showing up on the Manhattan dinner circuit. What gives?

Sneaky inside sources say Anna's getting restless and wants to move on. Advertising revenue for the glossies has taken a bath this past year, just as it has for all printed publications. Anna's choices are to stay, and possibly go down with, her ship ... or move on to a new career. They say she wants to be an ambassador. That sounds lovely in theory, but anyone who has worked with Anna will tell you it might be a stretch. I myself hope she stays at Vogue - and perhaps even finds away to turn things around. Anna is brilliant, definitely someone for the younger generations to emulate. Too bad she doesn't have a protege to share her knowledge with, but like any good raptor, she eats her young when they piss her off.