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Megan Fox Wasn't Fired For Being Skinny Or Her Big Mouth. It Was That Creepy Third Hand 21.May.2010

It comes in handy from time to time. Get it? Wow. That musta been a bitch to Photoshop out.

Seriously, there has been a lot of buzz the last few days about the real reason Megan Fox was dropped from /quit Transformers 3. Management broke the ice by announcing that she wouldn't be returning for the third movie. I couldn't help but notice that nobody seemed to give a shit. Nobody except Megan, that is.

Megan and her peeps quickly shot back that she was not fired, thank you very much, but rather quit. You know, because her career is just taking off like a rocket. Maybe it would if she would just shut up and stick out her titties and ass for the camera (it's all she knows how to do, after all), but she's a silly, vapid bitch who thinks we care what she thinks. We don't.

Which brings us back to the question of who dumped who. Megan was on board as recently as last week. My guess is that the almighty Michael Bay decided he'd finally had enough of Megan and her mouth. She didn't earn any brownie points calling him a Hitler on set, and was reportedly being difficult with crew already, even before production began. Maybe she should talk to her boyfriend about life as a one-hit has-been. Transformers might be the best thing that ever happened to her, and she blew it. Silly, vapid bitch.