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Mom And Dad Must Be So Proud! Miley Cyrus Gets Trashy Under-boob Tattoo To Go With Amped Eyeballs 22.Sep.2010

UPDATE: This picture is actually a year old, which means Miley got it when she was only 16. Holy cow, this girl is in a hurry to get used up and banged out. And what is UP with those eyes? Stimulant much? She looks like she wants to keep lifting that shirt up, too. The guy standing next to her won't be able to sit down properly for a week. Was he the lucky tattoo artist who got to fondle Miley's still-underage breast while he inked her stupid tattoo?

OK, let's break down all the reasons this shit is just wrong. First, the location: why would you get a tat under your tit? You have to be a dirty whore just to show it to anyone, all lifting your shirt at the least provocation. And what does the little know-it-all think this tat is going to look like in 20, 30 years, when all that hard living catches up to her? Like Laffy Taffy, or a banner ad for Tourette's, I say.

Which brings us to the tat itself: "Just breathe". What is with all these self-absorbed little twits who get these lame reminders inked on themselves? What, you're so self-absorbed you might actually forget to breathe? Or is it like a road map, you know, in case Liam gets lost in her wonderland. Oh, sweet Jesus, that's bad. But it's not as bad as letting your underage daughter get a tattoo in a very indiscreet place. She's only 17; didn't they have to sign a consent form? Maybe she threatened to fire them again if they didn't. Anyway, be sure to stay tuned - by next week she'll probably be sporting multiple piercings - if she doesn't have them already. gak!