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Meredith Lepore Was Right! Sjp's Ridonculous Hat Started A Lame Trend 15.May.2008

Wants to settle downAnd you thought she was a one-trick pony (SJP, not Meredith). With that 1-800-Flowers centerpiece she had staple-gunned to her head for the London premiere of SATC she had to know that others equally starved for attention would imitate her style. Meredith knew. She tried to warn us. We didn't listen.

It's not just the horses who are falling prey to the stupid headdress. It's also the wonky-eyed emu who is helpless to resist stupid new trends - remember Wonky and Blohan wearing the finger gloves last year? Was that to keep their coke nail clean?

Wonky may have had an additional ulterior motive in her costume selection: Her ensemble does have a matrimonial vibe to it, does it not? Could the careless heiress be trying to drop a few hints on Benji? It would be ironic if she gets him to the altar before Joel and Nicole do. Somehow I don't think it will happen, though. She'll probably do something somehow to blow everything up, just like she always does.