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Recession Be Damned: Posh Steps Out With $104,000 Diamond-studded Birkin Bag 23.Jan.2009

This bag probably weighs more than she doesDon't get me wrong. I like Posh and Becks. I do. But they need to find something better to do with the millions they've got stuffed down the front of David's briefs. Why can't they be like Brangelina, building orphanages and donating millions to help those less fortunate?

A hundred grand doesn't buy what it used to. You can't buy a house for that much, at least not here on the island. You can't buy a 7-series BMW or S-class Mercedes. You can't even rent a respectable luxury yacht. But if you're Posh, you can buy the latest Birkin sensation, the Himalayan. It's one of only three made, and if you're not already on the waiting list for one, you're shit out of luck. They've closed the list; those lucky enough to make it will receive their bag in just four years.

The Himalayan is covered with diamond, including a three-carat rock on the clasp. It was David's Christmas present for Victoria, the "woman with everything". Poor guy. He'd be better off just buying her a sandwich ... and hanging out to make sure she kept it down.