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Don't Be Fooled By The Needy Act: J. Love Wore The Pants, And Dropped Them Any Time She Wanted To 25.Jan.2009

Size 2 in dog yearsThis one, she irks me more and more. She's like a Maniston wannabe - it's all just an act, and the real Jennifer is no sweetheart.

Poor little Ross McCall is just waking up to the fact his sweet little mealticket ... I mean, fiancee ... has just been playing him, just like she played a whole bunch of guys before him. While he's not ready to pack up his frilly undergarments and move back home, he's got to be reeling at the latest revelations of Jennifer's voracious yet fickle appetite for man meat.

One of her exes, a rocker named Rich Cronin, told Howard Stern of the way the TV star chewed him up and spit him out when she traded up for McCall. One minute she was saying she'd love him forever, the next she was whoring it up. And when he questioned her, she told him to pack his shit and go.

Which is pretty much what she's telling McCall - publicly, via publicist statement. That's not a nice way to break off a relationship of two years. But like I said, we're not talking about a nice person here. Not even close.