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The Ultimate Paparazzi Stopper: Human Tack Strip, Presented By Kidman-urban Security 19.Jun.2008

Such passion! Such fire!Nicole Kidman has some dedicated security. Maybe because they're afraid if she gets jostled or photographed from the wrong angle that she'll be exposed. Leave it at that.

Dedicated or no, one of Nicole's bodyguards went above and beyond his usual job description this week in New York as the couple were leaving a Broadway play. While Nicole and Keith were escorted to their car, the staffer laid down in the street, effectively blocking the paparazzi from pursuing them as they left.

"It was unbelievable," said one snapper. "We couldn't move. I've never seen anything like it. And after about five minutes, this guy just got up, wished us all a nice evening, and strolled off."

This is not f***ing funny. Laying down in the road to slow or stop pursuit is just lame. If this was the pack of jackals that used to follow Britney around, that would be one smooshed bodyguard.