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Another Round On The Hoff: How To Drink Yourself To Death In Five Queasy Steps 21.Sep.2009

HoffThis time no burgers were harmed, but his daughter was there again. This time she got to ride in the ambulance with him, crying hysterically the whole way, lucky girl. (Not that her mother's much better ...)

David Hasselhoff apparently has a drinking problem of biblical proportions, and doesn't seem to be in any hurry to dry up. This weekend he went on another round-the-clock drinking binge and ended up being rushed to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. Again. That's at least the fifth time in the last few years. At this rate he'll have his own stomach pump wing soon. And if he keeps going it'll be a memorial wing, because there's only so much a body can stand.

What set him off this time? Was it the ex? A problem with the kids? Did the maid shrink his Speedos in the dryer again? Whatever the case, it obviously doesn't take much to send him off on a bender. He had just finished taping America's Got Talent so it's not likely he was despondent over his career. They need to hire him a minder before they have to fish him out of the pool or the trash compactor.