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Lindsay & Riley Giles, Suddenly Not So Random After All. 17.Oct.2007

Awww: See you in prison, babe.

Just cause you're not one of the pretty people doesn't make you innocent. Lindsay Lohan and her new beau Riley Giles have more than just a stint in rehab in about a criminal record, too?

Check out Riley's mug shot after being booked into the Summit County jail in Utah on suspicion of obtaining a controlled substance by misrepresentation, fraud, forgery or subterfuge (a third-degree felony). Based on his probable cause statement, Riley apparently "altered a prescription for anti-anxiety drug Xanan in a bid to get more pills." After exiting a pharmacy, he was arrested and plead guilty to a Class-A misdemeanor. As his punishment, Riley was given a year long suspended sentence and put on a year long probation.

Something else Riley and Lindsay have in common is that he's also been arrested for DUI...twice. Talk about a match made in heaven. Source