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Hills Shocker (yawn): Spencer Pratt's Sister Is A Methfaced Klepto. Spencer Is Still A Douche. 28.Nov.2007

Stephanie "Sticky Fingers" PrattYou know what they say. You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family. Or, you can give your sister a job on your loser show but don't expect her arrest record to stay under wraps. Oh, Pratt, such a shit-for-brains.

On the heels of Stephanie's surprise appearance on The Hills this week comes news of her checkered past. On May 8, 2006, Stephanie Pratt and a friend were arrested for shoplifting at a Neiman Marcus in Honolulu. Apparently the dimwits tried the old take-50-items-to-the-dressing-room-come-out-with-5 ploy. When apprehended outside the store, the girls were discovered wearing some stolen goods, with yet more stuffed in their bags. They were arrested for second-degree theft and brought to police headquarters where cops found unspecified drugs on them, leading to additional charges for promoting a dangerous drug.

Stephanie's parents bailed her out, and helped negotiate a deal with the DA. The drug charges were dropped; Pratt plead guilty to second-degree theft, got a five-year deferred sentence and a fine. Stephanie is said to have gotten her life back together and is studying fashion at a "private Los Angeles college". This means that we'll be subjected to a clothing line from her within the next few months. Aargh! This show sucks. These people suck. When will it end?