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Desperate To Sell Tickets, Avril Lavigne Adds The Jonas Brothers To Lineup, Will Get Booed Off Stage 24.Feb.2008

See how she towers over himMaybe she's taking the whole Goth thing too far. She thinks that all she needs is the blood of some virgins and she'll live forever. I don't care how much hate mail her fans send; a woman who spits like that in public is a tacky piece of shit. Plain and simple. Not to mention incredibly unsanitary.

Avril's latest tour is also proving to be highly unpopular. She's been having trouble filling out even small venues and needed something to save the tour from being a total loss, so her management signed the Jonas Brothers. The tickets will sell - the Jonas Brothers are huge with the teenybopper set - but Avril is in serious danger of being upstaged by her warm-up act. There's just no way she can follow their show without being hated on - Jonas Brothers fans will feel cheated the minute she steps out with her big red nose and dilated pupils.

Why doesn't Avril just tour with her little husband, Deryk's band, Sum 41? Oh, that's right. She probably doesn't allow him to make music anymore, because she's the boss (read: big star) in their marriage. He probably couldn't keep a straight face anyway.